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You Westerosi are all the same. You sew some beast upon a scrap of silk, and suddenly you are all lions or dragons or eagles.


shipping femslash like


shipping femslash like

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Les Beehive – The Photographers’ Portfolio – Interview Magazine, September 2014

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“I said nothing for a time, just ran my fingertips along the edge of the human-shaped emptiness that had been left inside me.”
- Haruki Murakami, Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (via queen—of—thorns)
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Aoi Kotsuhiroi - Exotic Regrets Collection

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The Problem With “Starkness” and How It’s Used to Discredit Sansa (and sometimes Bran)


I see this idea of Starkness thrown around a lot, usually on other websites, and frequently the consensus wrt this mysterious Starkness is that Sansa (and even occasionally Bran) somehow have less of it than their siblings. But I think there are some problems with that.

My first question: what the fuck is Starkness? No one seems to be able to come to an agreement. First someone says that Jon (or even Sansa) is the most Stark-like of the kids, due to their similarities with Ned, but then you realize that Ned is kind of the odd man out in some ways when it comes to the recent Starks—and that he isn’t like a lot of the others in personality. Then you’ll see someone say that no, it’s Arya, partially because she has Ned’s concern with justice—but then you have to keep in mind that 1) her idea of justice is very different from Ned’s and 2) Ned’s strict moral code could very well have arisen from his years as a ward (think of his concern with honor—and then remember that house arryn’s words are as high as honor). AKA, they could very likely be southern values, not northern ones, and could help explain his differences with the other Starks. And Starks = north… right? I’m already confused. If Ned’s not a Stark, then who is?

And then you start looking closely at the other Starks, like Brandon and Lyanna and Benjen, and begin to realize that these people are all wildly different. Think about the old Kings in the North—they were seemingly nothing like Ned, or even like Lyanna or Brandon. To me the notion of one Stark being a “truer” Stark than the others is ridiculous, as if “Starkness” is an actual thing that can be measured. They’re all Starks, and that’s that. Houses are made up of individuals. Arya’s impulsiveness is not the same as Lyanna’s impulsiveness, just as Sansa’s idealism is not the same as Ned’s idealism. They do share these traits, yes, but having them doesn’t make either of them a “truer” Stark.

I get the concept of some Starks not being as close to their family roots as others—Sansa doesn’t come to really appreciate the godswoods, for example, until later on in the series, and that’s a part of Stark family life. And yes, at first Bran wants to be a knight, which is a very southern thing. But how does this make either of them lesser Starks? Aren’t you a Stark because you were born one? How does one measure Starkness? Should we go through the books and count every time a Stark kid mentions Winterfell, or wargs, or is proud? (Apparently that’s a Stark thing? Who knew. The whole pride concept seems common to a lot of houses.)

It rings of being arbitrary. I mean, you could say that one of the most important parts about being a Stark is endurance, I suppose, because Ned does say “The Starks will endure. We always have.” And in that case, the remaining Stark children are all more Stark-like than Robb and Lyanna, who went to early graves. Voila! But then, shit—you could factor in other things, I guess, like warging? Or coldness? I don’t know. Where does it end? Who decides what constitutes Starkness?

There are countless different definitions of ‘Starkness’ that I’ve seen, and many of them have been wildly different from one another. There is no clear consensus.

So what sets the Starks apart? Is it ‘the wolf blood’? Because now that I think about it, it sounds a little bit like the ‘blood of the dragon’, which I always interpreted as sorta being nonsense. And then you have to compare this wolf blood, which apparently runs hot, with coldness—they’re totally at odds. Which one is the Stark characteristic? Fieriness or coldness? Is it both? Because if it’s both, then that could apply to pretty much everyone.

I guess it could go back to warging? In that case, Robb and Sansa are obviously the lesser Starks (Robb, Lady, and Grey Wind are all dead). But then you remember that we don’t have a Robb POV so we don’t know if he warged, and that Lady was killed early on— so if it comes down to warging, that’s pretty weak. Robb and Sansa are lesser Starks because of things they couldn’t even control? And then remember that GRRM has said that all Stark kids are wargs. So I guess it can’t really be measured by warging.

Wait—does “Starkness” = “Northness”? But then you have to remember people like the Boltons. In ways they totally exemplify some of the definitions of “Starkness” I’ve seen floating around. And yikes. That’s not a good thing. Also keep in mind that this could make using appearance to help define Starkness a problem, because the whole pale skin/dark hair thing seems to be fairly prevalent throughout the North and not at all unique to the Starks. (Though I suppose having these characteristics along with grey eyes could still count?)

My point is that the whole Starkness idea is kind of feeble, because all of the Stark kids are very different, as are the Starks that came before them. And there’s also the fact that no one seems to be able to decide on what constitutes Starkness in the first place. So can we please stop using Starkness to discredit certain members of the Stark family? (I’ve even seen people on Tumblr say that Arya isn’t a Stark. Come on.)

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Sansa Stark Appreciation Week: Day 3 - Favorite season/book

—A Feast for Crows

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If you think a blog is “popular” and are afraid to message them because of that, just remember that most likely right that moment that blogger is in sweatpants, eating mac and cheese, and marathoning an entire season of a TV show on Netflix.

Your message would probably be one of the highlights of their day.

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