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ugh god so i was talking to roseroadkingsroad about both #asoiaf and #mcu at the same time? and i said 

also i am now very seriously contemplating some sort of mcu pastiche with arya as the winter soldier but i’m not … sure … how it would work exactly or who anyone else is but. hmm. HMMM. (poss…i……bly……. with sansa as black window? what it’s like to be unmade, indeed.)

and then i was talking to actualvampireang and i. it.

i kind of want to do it in like … a modernized westeros? so the beginning takes place in … canon i guess? i mean it would have to go wildly au very quickly but it does give us a very convenient war so i mean. idk. with the magic of getting frozen in ice for 490502452 years anything is possible.
so robb declares himself king in the north. jon is at the wall. arya and sansa are in king’s landing. 
arya decides to run away to go join her brother’s army, but this … goes terribly awry somewhere along the way, in that she basically heads to braavos right away but, instead of finding more water dancers to train under, ends up right in the house of black and white and gets identity fucked as hell.
jon also wants to go join his brother’s army, but the night’s watch are (fairly) like “no dude you said the thing.” which he did. to be fair. but then they’re like, “except on the other hand the maesters have been working on this thing, and if it works … well, you will be really fucking badass. get ready for a whole lot of war, jon snow. and also a lot of really foul-tasting potions.”
sansa, meanwhile, is spending a whole lot of quality time with cersei lannister and (ugh ugh oh god it pains me to type this but it’s definitely the most reasonable choice) peter baelish. they’re teaching her some things.
blah blah arya completely disappears from recorded history, jon is buried in an avalanche fighting wildlings on the wall, sansa … well, no one really knows what happened to sansa.
cut to 3094203470423546 years later
anthropologists doing work on ye olde warfarre start excavating the wall, and they find something really interesting …
(robb and theon died holding hands, obviously.)

#WINTERFELLSOLDIER though. The parallels of Arya and Sansa following the Bucky and Natasha storylines are scarily perfect. Sansa as Natasha :((

(I’d want to cast Cersei as Alexander Pierce, because she’d finally get the power she longs for but - lbr, Cersei totally fumbles the play when she attains power in canon. I can’t imagine her being stealthy and patient enough for all Pierce’s decades-long maneuvering… that has Baelish written all over it. So unfortunately Baelish would be most suitable analog for Pierce and it also pains me to say it b/c they both deserve to die in a hole somewhere. together. flayed Bolton-style.)

but this is fab and maybe you could start with a one-shot focusing on arya/winterfell soldier’s creation and early years, and the people surrounding or related to her (robb/jon/sansa/etc), then expand from there… baby steps  

and sidenote I might have been asked to think about a Sansa/Margaery crossover where they’re Steve/Bucky… but then totally went ahead and cast the rest of the MCU with ASOIAF characters (mostly genderbent). just ask me who tony stark is seriously just do it

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roseroadkingsroad i can’t not reblog this stuff now, because of you.

I think it needs to be recaptioned though!  :)

Look at the way Cersei is fiddling with Margaery’s clothes in that top left panel…. Her mouth says “you still mourn for joffrey” but her body language says, “I’m gonna take this off you with my teeth later.”  LMAO

I never even noticed that before…. SEXGHOSTS WHY

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Need another breather:


I’m getting into the weeds on this long-ass fic.  I need to write something else for a breather, and I am in the mood to please you.  Help me pick:

I will bust out some sonnets for any f/f couple in ASOIAF fandom so long as it’s plausible that one or both of them would write poetry (ie, Sansa, Margaery, Catelyn, Arianne?  Sure.  Osha, Ygritte, Brienne?  Probably not.)

Shireen/Missandei bringing literacy to Westeros, OR Asha/Brienne, the BROTP I never tire of.

There’s always more teen Cat/Cersei to be rescued from the cutting room floor, or possibly I could be persuaded to deliver a bit of Margaery/Cersei toxic unhealthy sex.

As ever, if you don’t see something you like on the rack, you can always ask and I will check the stockroom.  :)

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CERSEI/MARG, the dirtier the better <3333

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The Winter Soldier in Zola’s archive.

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Sebastian’s reaction when the moderator kept calling Bucky a villain [x]

Sebastian’s reaction when the moderator kept calling Bucky a villain [x]

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i’m waiting for someone to write epic meta on why the reason bucky is so popular with female fans is bc his storyline being about being stripped of agency and personal autonomy resonates particularly with female experiences

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We are the Watchers on The Wall by zippo514


We are the Watchers on The Wall by zippo514
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He’s fast. Strong. Has a metal arm.

robokittens have you seen this

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The Children
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photo by Elena Morelli


photo by Elena Morelli

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Waterloo Bridge (1940)

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